The Barringston

Persophene Adventures
Man Persophene rules!

After landing on Persephone, the crew deals with the recent loss of the pilot. Mourning doesn’t last long though, as badger finds them and gets them to hoorn the favor they owe him. The travel to the justatia district Of Persephone city, and get rid of a rival drug ring. After this they nearly get killed from an irate mechanic, though he is talked down and agrees to fix the Barringston even though the pilots little stunt is lighting up every screen on Persephone.

Other adventures include beating up a bar fly, and removing a land lock that was placed on all Barringston shuttles on Persephone. Manning infiltrates the server room containing the land lock protocols, and after removing the lock he meets up with his group in the desert. After getting considerably shot up by PC police and destroying the only shuttle on the Barringston (which was Burners home) They crack away from Persephone.

Further adventures
Where they become a team

After the Persephone incident the newly minted crew run into a new member and some new jobs. Sci Burner, a male companion joins the crew to expand his client base and for a little adventure. They rob an alliance freighter, Rob a bank, hang out with some comedic pirates, save a rich kid from water gangsters and freelance for a Radical Independent organization known as the Heroes of Serenity.

While working for them, they were given an enormous amount of explosive. The goal was to smuggle it onto an alliance freighter and set it off. When on board though they found families; children and mothers living amongst the personnel. With a change of heart they fly back to the Heroes of Serenity space port, and with the help of some irate Alliance personnel manage board it and set the explosives to detonate. Rolan sustained injuries from this, and would have died if Sci hadn’t patched him up. While fleeing they are boarded by a Alliance anti-Terrorism unit and the pilots brilliant maneuvering allowed them to escape at the cost of his life. With a damaged Barringston flying towards Persephone below, the fate of the Ishtar seemed uncertain.


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